Flax day

Blooming flax field

Blooming flax field.

Flax procedure

 Linen is made from flax fibers. The process requires a lot of attention and work.

Lithuania is well known for the high quality linen. Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. It is one of the oldest cultivated plants which was growing here for many years. The flax fibers are spun and woven into beautiful linen fabrics, which loved for its coolness, purity and lightness. It can be made many products from linen: table linen, bedding, towels, clothes and accessories.

Linen was important in Lithuanian farmers’ life. Many folk songs were created about flax and laborious tasks of flax processing. People were depending on the flax harvest. If the flax plants did not grow and the harvest was bad, they did not have any fibers to weave the fabrics. In the pagan times the flax was sacrificed during rites for the good harvest. When Christianity came into Lithuania the flax was ordained in churches on a particular day - the 3rd of February. Since then, this day became the FLAX DAY.


Linen fabrics in various colours


Celebrate with us the Flax Day!


Guide for shopping fabrics online

We would like to give some guide about our linen fabrics in our Linen Fashion online shop that will help you decide if this right fabric for your needs. It is getting popular among home sewers to buy fabrics online as it is very convenient and easy to do. Just order and in a few days you will get your fabrics straight to your doors. So when you choose the fabric - think of colour, width, weight, the weave pattern and what is made of. Have a look how to read our fabric descriptions....

Nice to meet you again in the world largest textile exhibition


Dark blue linen table runner with embroidered patter White embroidery on dark blue linen table runnerWhite embroidery on dark blue linen table runnerWhite embroidery on dark blue linen table runnerWhite embroidery on dark blue linen table runnerWhite embroidery on dark blue linen table runner

This year we took part in “Heimtextil” exhibition in Germany from 10th to 13th January. It is one of the largest international trade fair for home and contract textiles. Each year, the numbers of visitors and exhibitors are increasing, for example 2017 this trade attract almost 70, 000 trade visitors and nearly 3000 exhibitors from 67 countries. We are participating this exhibition for 24 consecutive years. This event was a huge success for us.

Many people visited our stand. It was a great experience to meet and chat with our regular customers (they become to us more than friends). Also, we were very happy to meet the new people who are interested in linen and just getting to know that “linen sense”.


We wanted to impress the visitors so we updated our stand, which became very popular. As always, we wanted to show how linen is wonderful with its great properties: naturalness, timeless, gentleness, and lightness of summer. Everyone who visited us had a chance to see the latest trends of linen fabric and touch our creations from linen. Some pictures we share with you as well. Have a look and get inspired!

We would like to thank all those who have visited us during this fair and see you next year.

Auf Wiedersehen!


White embroidery on dark blue linen table runnerWhite embroidery on dark blue linen table runnerWhite embroidery on dark blue linen table runnerWhite embroidery on dark blue linen table runner
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